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Style for Valentine’s Day!

Show that special someone just how much you love them with a lovely gift from Stephen Collins. While a belt may not be a typical present for your girlfriend, it will be worth it to see that cute smile on her face when she sees her surprise new accessory! (If you’re the girlfriend in question, now’s the time to send a few hints your significant other’s way…)

So, what are the best belts to get this Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Banner

The best choice is of course Fleur, in either a bold Berry or a bright Violet. Her sweet gunmetal heart in the centre ‘pops’ into the band to secure the belt, adding an interesting twist to traditional buckles. This gorgeous high shine leather belt is sure to be the highlight of her outfit – and at a width of 30mm, she can’t be missed!

SC Red belts

Essential red belts: (above)

Emma in Crimson | Kate in Crimson | Maria in Crimson

So, you’ve now received your gift. When choosing your perfect date outfit, we suggest sticking to this flawless trio of colours: red, black and white. So if your belt is red, choose a black or white dress/skirt. Alternatively, a black or white belt will look perfect against a red base. Have a little experiment, until the overall outfit has a bold, yet balanced appearance. Want more inspiration on how to style around your stunning new Valentine’s belt? We’ve found some great ideas on Pinterest…

valentines belt ideas

Date Night – Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean you need to dress up girly. Maybe add a little edge with a leather jacket and a pair of daring black heels.

Romantic Dinner – For this more formal occasion, opt for a smart jacket, but keep it flirty with a cute skirt. Team up with a bow belt like Betty.

Daytime Get Together – You’ll look lovely in a red lace dress. Don’t forget that black belt to complete the look!