Scary Belts this Halloween

Scary Belts this Halloween

SC halloween

Halloween is not far away, and that means dressing to impress. There’s often a lot of competition to find the best Halloween costume, whether it’s for a spooktacular party or trick or treat-ing. But we think we have the answer: add a Stephen Collins belt! Black and Red are two of the most common colours seen in Halloween costumes, and luckily we have a ‘fang-tastic’ selection to choose from…

Ruby Red

red belts

Wear a little crimson and berry red to release your inner vampire!

Brilliant Black

black belts

Black is ideal for hiding the shadows, but a few embellishments add that little touch of glamour…

Get these belts at scarily good prices at our online store… And don’t forget to check out last year’s blog for some extra inspiration!

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