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Rainbow Colour Pop

As the popular children’s song goes: ‘Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue…’ The rainbow has provided us with inspiring warm and cool shades to base our belt designs on. Starting with the bright reds that translate to a bold daytime vibes, and finishing with deep indigo blue and purples that are ideal for a dramatic night-time look.


Nothing says summer more than colour. It seems a shame to stick to the darker tones we associate with autumn, which is why the warm Geranium, buttery Spice and cool Turquoise colours were introduced intro our recent SS15 collection. Found in the Livvy, and Becky belt styles, these three new colours offer a summery alternative to the traditional colours we’ve produced in the past.

Rainbow belts 3 in 1

Images taken from Pinterest

The latest bright belts in our collection make a great excuse for wearing that muli-coloured garment that’s been in your wardrobe all winter. The refreshing vibes from the crazy patterns and hues will certainly put a smile on your faces!

So how can you style a belt with this look? As we’ve said before, too much colour will become overwhelming, so you require the right balance. Pick your favourite colour that features in your multi-coloured clothes (but make sure it isn’t heavily featured), and choose a Stephen Collins belt in that same colour. This brings the whole outfit together without going over the top. The inspiring images above have nailed the look!

Will you be experimenting more with colour this season?