Introducing Jasmine

introducing jasmine

In this installment of the ‘Introducing…’ series, we’re looking at Jasmine. If you loved Cora from last year’s spring/summer collection, then you’ll love this similar, yet equally stunning leather belt. What makes Jasmine stand out is her cut-out circular detailing around the band, with a contrast colour back panel to make the pattern even more distinctive. The Jasmine belt is also nicely fitted with a gold round buckle. Choose between her striking Lunar/White, Geranium/White and White/Lunar variations…

Need ideas on how to style her? At 30mm wide, belts like Jasmine are best worn with trousers. We think she would look lovely as part of a block colour or sailor outfit; this two-tone belt already gives you a couple of colours to style around. The Lunar/White variety provides a cooler vibe to your outfit, whereas the Geranium/White and White/Lunar belts give you a more everyday, summery appearance.

Keep your eyes peeled for future posts in the ‘Introducing…’ series over the next few weeks!