Belts Over Scarves & Coats

Belts Over Scarves & Coats

Brrr! It seems that the winter frost has finally taken over, meaning winter accessories are a must-have with your outfit! But a little cold doesn’t mean you have to cover up your super stylish outfit underneath. Last year we covered the belts over coats trend, and 2014 has added a new twist to the trend; belts over scarves works equally as well!

Belts over Scarves

Belts over scarves collage

Images taken from Pinterest

With the help of the blanket scarf, there is a new way to accessorise your belt this year. These oversized scarves have become a statement piece for A/W2014, and are commonly seen on the catwalk and the high street. Finishing the look with a belt will bring it all together; it enhances the look dramatically by bringing shape to your figure.

So what’s the best way to style the trend? Cross the scarf over your body and secure with a belt to create some interesting angles. Go for a chunky belt for it to really stand out. The best choices are elasticated Olivia in Black for a perfect fit, or Ruby in Black for a chic high shine effect. If there are multiple colours in your scarf, choose the colour that appears the least; that way your belt will look part of the outfit without clashing (the top right image is a great example of this). If your scarf is one block colour, pick a contrasting colour so your belt really attracts attention. 

But what if you prefer a dainty patterned scarf, like top left? With a scarf like this, simply wear it down around your neck and tuck it into a skinny belt, to balance the ensemble nicely. We recommend Jane in Pewter or Emma in Chocolate, as their oval buckles bring a symmetry to the look. 


Belts over Coats

Give yourself a refresher by re-reading last year’s post on how to wear belts over winter coats (you can still find many of the belts featured in the blog post on our website!)

Belts over coats

Images taken from Pinterest

This year, look chic in a well fitted coat that goes in at the waist. Winter coats tend to be dark in colour – so a dark, but different coloured belt is the best kind to accompany yours. If you want to add a little brightness, go for a metallic gold buckle, like the top middle image.

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