Belts for your Body Shape!

Belts for your Body Shape!

Choosing the right belt style and size can make a huge difference between resulting in a well fitted, and an ill fitted outfit. The art of dressing for your body type comes down to the balance of your figure in the overall outfit. But it can be hard to know just what to go for, when there are so many body types out there.

First, find out what body type you are closest to (we’ve narrowed them down to the four most common). These are often compared to geometric shapes, so the illustrations should help you find out. 


The Boyish

skinny belts rectangle

If your torso is straight up and down, opt for a skinny belt around the waist to bring shape to your slim figure, and keep your proportions balanced. Try a decorative print to bring more attention to this area. Wear slightly loose fitting clothes so the belt can bring it all in. 

Wear: BethanyAlexaJane.


The Apple

apple shape belts

If you are an apple shape, that means you have a fuller figure, and your bust and waist are around the same widthBring a little definition to your figure by wearing a chunky belt under the bust. The best outfit to wear under it is a well fitted tunic and jeans.

Wear: AliciaGisele, and Lily.


The Hourglass

hourglass belts sc

Hourglass body types are nicely balanced on the top and bottom, and the waist noticeably goes in. A sophisticated shaped belt with an elasticated band and a large buckle is ideal for perfectly fitting around your waist and keeping the proportions even.

Wear: BridgetCourtney and Olivia.


The Pear

pear shape belts

If your hips are your most defining feature, then you are pear shaped. To help balance your hips with your torso, wear a regular-width belt around your lower waist. Make sure you don’t go for anything that is low slung like a slouch belt, as  your bottom half will appear disproportionate. Dress in a pair of trousers and a sleeveless top. 

Wear: CatherineMaisieAnya.


Body illustrations sourced here.