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Stephen Collins S/S13

Stephen Collins began manufacturing luxury leather belts, back in 1969. The company was founded by Stephen Collins himself, with help from his wife Evelyne and friend Jack Ingle. The brand was successful from the very beginning, with prestigious stores such as Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick all stocking their belt collections. As well as the department stores, the Stephen Collins collection was also stocked by fine shops and boutiques both in the UK and overseas.

Stephen Collins has always been a family business, and in 2000 the founder’s daughters Stephanie and Valerie, joined the company. Sadly after falling ill in the late 90s, Stephen passed away later that year, handing over the management of the company to his two daughters. In 2012 the Dewhurst Dents group acquired Stephen Collins, and the head office and warehouse are now located in Warminster, Wiltshire. Nearly 45 years later Stephen Collins is still the top leather belt brand in Britain, crafting high quality belts for any occasion.